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December 21, 2018

  • By Michelle Holman
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  • 02 May, 2018

Landlords – Buying flooring for your rental property?

If you’re a landlord, you know only too well the need to balance the considerations that come with letting your property. The attractiveness of the property, and the quality of life of your tenants, is a priority. There’s both the initial outlay and the long-term costs to consider. You must balance these considerations carefully to provide your tenants with a pleasant, desirable home that nonetheless remains cost effective for you. Nowhere is this truer than when choosing the right flooring. Every part of your rented property can be subject to dramatic wear and tear and can need replacing after even a short period, placing added emphasis on the considerations above when choosing your flooring. Whether or not it’s true that tenants in rented property take less care than homeowners, when it comes to risking or repairing property damage, you need to choose your flooring based on common (and financial) sense.

Picking an attractive flooring that presents your house in the best light, but is also durable, easy to clean and affordable might seem like no easy task. Here are some suggestions:

1.   Carpets

A bright carpet will show stains, decreasing its life even with regular cleaning. Even a more durable vinyl or laminate might begin to show signs of wear and tear faster if it’s lighter. Choosing a darker design will hide stains and damage, while also helpfully making way for a neutral, yet modern, décor that stands out to tenants and creates possibilities for their own personalised interiors. After all, who doesn’t want to put their stamp on the space they live in? Maintaining a neutral décor presents each room as a blank canvas your tenants can customise as they wish. It’s also important to consider your tenants – as we’ve established a neutral-dark carpet or flooring can save money on repairs.

2.   Underlay

Underlay is essential for durability, and it prolongs the life of your flooring. It also limits noise transfer between rooms and floors, and lowers energy bills. Investing in top quality, heavy-duty underlay is vital, with long-lasting flooring continuing to work for decades of use after the initial installation. Buy it right, buy it once.

3.   Avoid long carpet pile

A shallower carpet might not absorb sound as well as a nice, thick pile carpet. Short pile carpet doesn’t absorb other things either. Some landlords prefer stain resistance above durability, and ensuring a flooring surface is easy to clean is essential. A thicker pile carpet traps dirt and can be a real chore to clean – so opt for a suitable, thinner carpet, especially in areas liable to attract a lot of dirt.

4.   LVT and Laminate

Many landlords favour the non-carpeting option as it’s more durable than carpet. Laminate or LVT won’t scuff, stain, crease or wear out nearly as easily as a carpet – yet there are other considerations. Sound travels more, through harder surfaces, meaning tenants in flats might not thank you for installing it on the floor above. Choosing a durable laminate or even a vinyl that’s stylish and professionally fitted can be a perfect solution for kitchens, WC’s and bathrooms, as well as living rooms as an alternative to carpeting.

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