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  • 11 Dec, 2018

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Busy homes need hardwearing carpets, and the Mayfield Carpets Performance Amethyst is the ideal choice. This robust Twist pile carpet will withstand heavy traffic and spills and come up looking like new time after time. One of 18 stylish shades to suit your entire home, the Mayfield Carpets Performance Amethyst carpet is a wonderful choice for hectic households.


  • MATERIAL  – 100% Polypropylene
  • BACKING – Action
    SUITABILITY – Heavy Domestic
  • PILE WEIGHT – 40oz
  • BRAND – Penthouse Carpets

Is your house busier than the average? More going on than the Edinburgh Fringe? Then you need a carpet that won’t be fazed by anything. We suggest our Performance range. The hardwearing 40oz twist is easy to care for and will look good regardless of what it goes through. Constructed from 100% top quality synthetic yarn and Action Back, this carpet will take whatever you throw at it. The 10 year stain and wear guarantee on this carpet is impressive, and what’s more it’s fully bleach-cleanable. Perfect for coping with creative genius, future sport stars and budding food critics who haven’t yet got to grips with a no-mess rule.

The good news doesn’t stop there though. Not only is this a top-quality hardworking carpet, but it’s also available in a choice of 18 colours. There are shades for the more classic home décor scheme and options for more modern palettes. Browse the options available and order a few to make sure you get the best colour for your home. No matter which colour you do choose, know that a carpet from the Mayfield Carpets Performance range will stand up to whatever your home and family put it through.


We’re proud to be part of Britain’s rich textiles heritage. Penthouse Carpets has been part of the British wool carpet industry since our founder John Hawker made his first rug over 40 years ago.

Penthouse Carpets is unusual, we’re unusually proud of the British wool carpets we create – and this is true across the business. That’s because our 80-strong workforce each owns a part of the company. We all know our success depends on our customers being as happy with our carpets as we are. When you buy a British wool carpet from Penthouse Carpets, you know you’ve bought from a company that really cares. We’re passionate about designing, making and selling high quality, beautiful carpets that set the standard for comfort, warmth and durability.

Based in Lancashire, at the foothills of the South Pennines, we manufacture British wool carpets that have been pleasing homeowners for decades. We don’t let our proud heritage get in the way of progress. As committed carpet manufacturers, we continue to research and develop our Rochdale-based factory and machinery to ensure consistently high standards in the carpets we produce. The experience, pride and expertise of our workforce means you can be confident that your Penthouse Carpet is a British wool carpet of exceptional quality.

Benefits of polypropylene carpet

Contrary to popular beliefs, there is more than just a single advantage (albeit the price factor) to having a polypropylene carpet at home, rather than opting for the classy wool alternative:

  • Smell free. One of the benefits of a synthetic rug is that their structure is not porous. Meaning, they won’t hold any unpleasant smells at all.
  • Highly stain resistance. No fear of dropped food and spilled drinks. Or at least not as much as with natural fibres, because the polypropylene rugs are stain resistant. In case you are a dropper, or you’ve got a large family with kids running around with their food, a poly-rug is a fitting choice.
  • Good value for money. Compared with other types of synthetic carpets, the polypropylene ones win clearly. Not only they are generally cheaper than nylon-made ones, but also have a better appearance.
  • Low density and weight. If your floor was made of water, you could still use a polypropylene carpet to cover it. It’s the sole rug material that won’t sink, due to its low density and weight. And while threading on it might turn out a problem with a water floor, you will surely be able to mask its presence.
  • Low static electricity. Have you heard about static electricity? Natural fibres tend to easily conduct electricity, resulting in static and heaps of sparks. With polypropylene, there are still static issues, but on a much lesser scale. It makes this type of material a great choice for office and car interiors.
  • Good colour fastness. The polypropylene rugs do not lose their colouration easily as they are dyed with solutions. While they will find it difficult to compete with natural wool fibre and their colour longevity, the polypropylene carpets are ahead of the competition of other synthetic counterparts.
  • Water resistance. Do you have a swimming pool outside? Consider covering the patio around it with a polypropylene rug. Due to its water-resistance property, it can resist mould and any damages made by the pool water.

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