Whether your preference is for wood flooring, carpets, vinyl or LVT, our guide is here to help you choose a flooring material that suits your space.

Flooring is often overlooked during the process of designing a space/decorating, whether that be the kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom. While it’s often not regarded as being important to an interior design scheme, getting it right can affect the overall appearance of a room.

Whether your preference is for wood flooring, carpets, LVT or vinyl, our guide is here to help you choose a flooring material that suits your space.


Wood flooring has increased in popularity over the past decade and is high on the wish-list of many prospective home buyers. Available in varying grains, tones and finishes, there is a timber to suit most rooms, including the hallway – although it’s not ideal for a bathroom.

Engineered wood floors – a real wood veneer over a middle core of heat-formed wood and a base-supporting layer – are used where shrinkage might be a problem. The stability of engineered flooring makes it a perfect choice over underfloor heating if the guidelines are followed, plus it is easier to lay than solid wood flooring.


Laminate flooring is made from layers of high density fibreboard with a photographic image (of timber, tile etc) laminated to the surface below a tough, wear-resistant coating. Its advantages are its price, anti-scratching properties and ease of installation .

Laminate is a great choice for a busy household in all areas that are not exposed to heavy moisture (so avoid using in a bathroom), although it can feel cold and hard underfoot. If laid badly, it may also be noisy and clunky.


Available in either synthetic fibres, pure wool, or a mix of both, carpets come in a vast array of colours and budgets to suit every room (although they’re best avoided in a kitchen or bathroom). Choose 80 per cent wool and 20 per cent synthetic carpet for the best combination of wear, thermal insulation and comfort.

Patterned carpets have made a comeback, and stripes are particularly on-trend. Go for a bold stripe to add impact to a gloomy hallway and stairs, or to link a through room.

A new underlay can prolong the life of a carpet by up to 40 per cent, so bear this in mind when you’re buying carpet. The market has also responded to consumers increased interest in environmentally friendly homes with an increased number of natural flooring options.


LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile is an innovative design of vinyl flooring.  It is becoming an increasingly popular and affordable alternative to wood or stone.  The realistic look of either wood, stone or ceramic tile is extremely hard wearing and resilient to daily wear and tear. It has a scratch resistant surface and waterproof making it ideal for any room in your home. The LVT is made up of multiple thin layers so that the flooring is still flexible but very durable and easy to look after.

One fantastic thing about Luxury Vinyl Tile is that it is available in variety of different effects.  For example, wood planks or even ceramic tiles and stone.  The wood plank effect LVT is in the shape and form of a plank of wood.  It can be found with different species of wood, colours and grain patterns, all which look very realistic and authentic.  You will also be able to find different plank widths and lengths to suit the requirements and décor of your room.  The stone and tile effect LVT is just as realistic with uniform sized tiles and choices of colour and style including dark grey slate tiles through to cream and beige ceramic effect tiles.

LVT is becoming extremely popular with homeowners as it can transform your home with an authentic and hard wearing floor, without the drawbacks and downsides that sometimes come with a natural product.

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