A Guide For Parents

Flooring is an important part of any building, because it adds beauty and charm to every room.

Thus flooring provides a smooth, clean, impervious, durable, colourful, hard and attractive surface.

Do you have children crawling on the floor or kids playing on the floor, therefore the type of flooring in your house will affect your quality of life.

There are many options available to select for the flooring of your home.

Flooring for children is generally temporary and after some years is to be replaced.

Hence as a parent it can be confusing as to which flooring to select?  Wood Flooring? Laminate Flooring? Carpets? Vinyl Flooring? etc. The list is endless.

Here we discuss some child friendly flooring options, parents must consider, before buying flooring for their home.



Children love to play on floors; however, they are prone to falling and get hurt. Hence, one of the major considerations while buying flooring is your childs safety.

The flooring must be such that it does not hurt the children when playing around.

Along with safety, the flooring must also be hygienic.




Here are some child friendly flooring options that you must consider for your children’s room.

Wood Flooring:

Wood flooring is a popular option for parents. It is made from natural wood and hence is non-toxic to kids. It is very easy to clean and maintain wood flooring. A vacuum cleaner and a damp mop are sufficient to clean the wood flooring.

As wood has less porosity, it does not promote the growth of bacteria.

Can be easily repaired by sanding and lasts several years.

But they are prone to scratches, which can be very common if you have kids or maybe pets. Not recommended for toddlers, as it can hurt if they fall. Wood flooring of light coloured trees is most preferable, as they make the room bright.

Laminate Flooring:

Laminate flooring is one of the popular kid friendly flooring options and is perfect for parents who are budget conscious and want a luxurious look for their home. This type of flooring is cheap, easily available and easy to clean. It has a protective overlay due to which spills can be easily cleaned.

It is also scratch resistant unlike wood flooring. Available in a variety of designs and patterns of wood, stone, or custom made designs.

Easy to install. It consists of the core made up of HDF or MDF, which is softer as compared to natural wood.

Hence, accidental falls will be less hurtful. It is to be noted that laminate flooring is very slippery when wet.


Vinyl Flooring:

Just like laminate flooring, vinyl flooring is easy to install. Vinyl flooring is water resistant and spill resistant.

It does not promote the growth of bacteria, as it non-porous. It provides a soft surface for accidental falls.

Vinyl flooring can be easily cleaned using a brush or vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth.


Carpet is a very popular option for parents whose children are only a few months old.

Due to its soft and warm properties, they are very comfortable for children. For toddlers who are prone to falling, it is a perfect option.

It absorbs sound and is slip-proof.

But carpets are known to promote bacteria growth and in-house allergens which can cause allergies to children.

It is important to clean carpets regularly and carefully.

If you select carpet flooring for your child’s room, it should be cleaned regularly.

Choose carpet made of natural material such as wool. Avoid selecting synthetic carpets which are made of propylene and nylon fibres.




Amongst the aforementioned child friendly flooring options, you can select suitable flooring according to your requirements.

The flooring, you select must therefore be attractive, safe and comfortable for your children.

Laminate flooring or vinyl flooring is also a popular option, as they are very easy to clean and are inexpensive.

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