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  • 07 Oct, 2014

A stain can put a real dampener on the appearance and appeal of a carpet, however it’s not always easy to know how to keep your carpet looking clean and fresh at all times. It is for this reason why we at Phoenix Carpets and Flooring have devised the following tips to help you avoid those pesky stains marring the beauty of your carpet;

Clean Spillages Immediately

It is vitally important to ensure that any accidental spillage is dealt with straightaway to reduce the risks of it becoming a stain. Utilise sheets of kitchen towel to soak up as much of the spillage as possible, remembering not to rub as this is likely to push the liquid further into the fibres of the carpet. Once you’ve soaked up as much as possible, use a carpet cleaner to remove the rest of the spillage.

Regular Vacuum Cleaning

To maintain a carpet and keep it in a good condition, regular vacuuming is a must. This will remove all dirt and debris from the surface of the carpet and prevent it from being walked deeper into the carpet by those walking around the room.

Periodic Carpet Washing

Washing your carpet periodically can help to get rid of allergens, debris and dirt that is situated much deeper down in the carpet pile. Use a recommended cleaning agent for your carpet and be sure to conduct a spot test before using the cleaner so you can see whether or not the cleaning agent has any adverse effects. This more significant method of carpet cleaning should help to get rid of any stubborn stains that are currently impacting upon appearance.

We at Phoenix Carpets and Flooring offer a wide range of flooring solutions, from laminate floors through to luxury vinyl tiles and of course carpets. If you are on the lookout for a new carpet to replace the old, tired or stained flooring currently in your home, we are confident of having a design to suit your tastes and complement the existing decor of your home. Feel free to browse our website to find out more or give our team a call to discuss the installation of a brand new, stain free carpet for your home.