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  • 17 Jan, 2018
BRITISH CRAFTMANSHIP – Generations of carpet makers working to the highest standards
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A family run business, we believe strongly in British craftsmanship.  Embedded in our workforce is the expertise of generations of carpet makers; the sons and daughters of previous staff carry forward the skills and knowledge passed down through the years.


Because we manufacture in our own factory, we have much more control and influence over the choice of raw materials and designs that make a Brockway carpet.  We work with the country’s leading designers and colourists to stay one step ahead of consumer preferences and stay in touch with spinners, yarn suppliers and our retailers to monitor trends.


Our staff all take an immense pride in the creation of a Brockway carpet.  All carpets are hand finished to make sure they reach the high standard of quality required.


With an array of colours, textures and styles, choosing a wool carpet from the Brockway collection can be a home furnishing task you look forward to with pleasure.

Browse our collection of beautiful, plain, twist carpets in an array of bright and neutral colours or if you’re looking to add inviting texture, the loop pile carpets which come in a variety of styles and finishes.

Whatever you choose, our gorgeous wool carpets will make your home feel warmer, quieter and more comfortable.  Have a good look round and order some free samples.


Contemporary and stylish, inspired and inspiring, a striped carpet by Brockway means that carpet will never again be the last thing you consider when creating your ideal living space. Now you can furnish your home from the floor up.

Combining influences from nature, fashion, architecture and culture, this selection of contemporary styles marries the best of traditional British craftsmanship with striking, contemporary colours, patterns and textures. They’re carpets that stand out for all the right reasons.


Full of natural character with its wonderful variety of textures, super stylish loop pile carpet is ideal for hallways and stairs and looks fresh and modern throughout the home. These uncut, wool loops have a structure that bounces back to shape.

Whether flat or textured, the chunky appearance of loop pile gives a natural yet contemporary look to your floor, adding a subtle hint of pattern that gives interest and depth to the space in your home.

Other sophisticated and eye-catching textures are created by cleverly combining the beauty of a velvet finish with the durability of a twist, creating both subtle pattern and lustre.

Whatever your needs
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