• By Michelle Holman
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  • 21 Mar, 2018

Do you need a new carpet? by Phoenix Flooring Limited

When you are planning on selling your home, the last thing you want to do is spend any money on it. But sometimes, it is worth spending a little to attract buyers quickly and achieve the asking price.

If you have any of the following – you might want to think about a new carpet to help you sell your home:

  • Carpets in strong colours or patterns – as everyone’s taste is different, it can put people off as they are unable to visualise any difference.
  • Stained carpets
  • Smelly carpets
  • Carpets in bathrooms or kitchen – most buyers like to see flooring that is easy to clean in these rooms.
  • Badly fitted flooring
When choosing a carpet whilst trying to sell your home, we always recommend a neutral carpet colour for all rooms.
We do understand that you will not want to spend a great deal on a home you are trying to sell, WE ARE HERE TO HELP.
In our Showroom in Stoke Lodge, Bristol we have a large range of carpets, plus remnants of various colours and sizes. Please pop in for some FREE ADVICE from either Nigel, Geoff, Matt and Trevor in our new Showroom in Thornbury – they are always willing to help.
We look forward to seeing you.